Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Google Hummingbird and Content Marketing strategy in SEO

Are you familiar with the Google Hummingbird algorithm update, the latest tech-update from the search giant? It’s been over a month now that Google’s search engine has been tweaked from its very core. Now, slowly the changes are being felt across the cyber landscape. Talking about changes, if you want to  understand what effect it’s going to have on businesses that mostly operates online, then read on.

First of all, Hummingbird update took a long time coming. Although, we have seen multiple versions  of Panda and Penguin SEO updates periodically, after 2005, there was no significant search algorithm change from Google. According to leading Search Engine Marketing experts , Hummingbird update would help refine Google’s search engine results and free it from clutter, that it has accumulated over the last decade. Google was aware of all these clutter building up and hence, they strategically started cleaning up the mess! First with Panda updates, Google prompted business owners to dispense with junk content for their websites and other web entities. Then, with the Penguin 2.0 Google prevented content marketers and SEOs from using chunks of fabricated links to their websites and other web entities. In the third phase of the cleanup, with Hummingbird algorithm changes, Google is now forcing online businesses to get real serious about using “only” quality web content on their web pages.

What Hummingbird update means for your business?

No more playing with manufactured links to get an overnight website traffic rush. Yes that’s the first criterion Googled has put up on the warning list for search engine optimizers and content marketers. Till now, online marketing experts were playing a hide-and-seek game with Google’s search bots. But now with a rehashed search engine algorithm in place, all fishy links and malpractices will be shunned upfront by Google, a content directive is available for everyone on the official Google Blog.

Here’s our takeaway from the extensive list for easy reference –

1. Create online authority (Google authority) by dishing out fresh, unique and relevant content for all of your online marketing channels. Whether it’s your company blog, webpage, blogger profile, Google+ or e-offerings like white papers, ebooks and online newsletters, make sure you do not have any duplicate content in them.

2. In the field of content marketing, any form of sales starts with educating your target audience. You would see that those websites and blogs that are driving audience to the point of sale (POP) are the ones that are acting as educators. Particularly, they are educating their audience about the benefits of conducting business with their company. In due course, such strategies have resulted in establishing search engine authority contributing to an exponential growth of those online businesses. Hummingbird algorithm further helps this approach to a great extent.

3. Turn your hardcore “salesy” business content into stories that your audience won’t get bored with. The concept is to “use” your brand related stories and engage your target public and readers. This would help convert visitors into followers and potential leads into paying clients.

Make the most out of Hummingbird update! Get your content marketing strategy fixed and turn your business into a profitable venture.